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Modular, prefabricated, precast, and container structures are distinct construction methods that offer various benefits and are used in different applications. Here’s a brief overview of their differences:
a. Modular Structures:
i. Modular construction involves creating individual sections or modules of a building in a factory setting.
ii. These modules are then transported to the construction site and assembled together to form the complete structure.
iii. Modular construction is often used for residential and commercial buildings, including homes, offices, and hotels.

b. Prefabricated Structures:
i. Prefabrication encompasses manufacturing building components or sections away from the construction site.
ii. These components can be walls, floors, or even entire rooms.
iii. Prefabricated elements are transported to the site and assembled or integrated into the building.
iv. Prefabrication is a versatile method and can be applied to various building types.

Modular and prefabricated structures are both constructed off-site in a factory or controlled environment, but they differ in their assembly and the level of customization.
Modular construction involves assembling entire sections or modules to create a building, providing greater customization and quick assembly. Prefabricated construction, on the other hand, focuses on pre-made components and sections that are integrated into a building, offering some level of customization but often with more standardized elements. Both methods offer efficiency and quality advantages compared to traditional on-site construction. The choice between them depends on project requirements and design flexibility.

c. Precast Structures:
i. Precast construction involves creating concrete elements like walls, beams, and columns in a controlled factory environment.
ii. These precast concrete elements are transported to the site and assembled to create the building structure.
iii. Precast concrete is commonly used for large-scale projects, such as bridges, parking garages, and industrial facilities.

d. Container Structures:
i. Container structures are constructed using repurposed shipping containers.
ii. Shipping containers are modified to create living spaces, offices, or other functional areas.
iii. Container structures are known for their portability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.
iv. They are frequently used for temporary or mobile buildings like tiny homes, pop-up stores, and disaster relief shelters.

In summary, while all these methods involve off-site construction and assembly, their materials and specific applications vary. Modular and prefabricated structures focus on creating complete sections of a building, precast structures utilize precast concrete elements, and container structures repurpose shipping containers to create functional spaces. Each method has its advantages and is chosen based on project requirements and goals.
Texo Prefab World provides  modular as well as prefabricated solutions. In addition to this, we actively explore precast structures as a part of our continuous expansion, aiming to provide innovative solutions in the future. However, for our container structures, we address size limitations and other associated challenges by replacing standard marine containers with pre-fabricated walls. This innovative approach not only allows us to work around size restrictions but also enhance customizations, making it possible to develop structures tailored to your specific requirements.

Yes!, we offer complete turn-key building solutions. Our site engineer will oversee your building project from beginning to end 

Absolutely! Texo Prefab World homes are built as per the same requirements as a traditionally built home and they greatly exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Our automated light gauge steel framing process provides more precision, consistency, and improved durability. The airtight build envelope provides further protection by reducing exposure to moisture and other elements resulting in less degradation over time. This means far less maintenance and increased energy efficiency.
  • Our homes have an even greater structural integrity than a traditionally built home due to our factory’s mode of transportation by truck.
  • Our homes are built to last 30-40 years.
  • Modular building is faster than any traditional home construction. A modular home can be manufactured and installed in as little as 2 months. This time frame can double and/or triple while building onsite as compared to a modular home.
  • Building with modules removes the red tape engrained in traditional buildings, i.e. 90% of the mandatory onsite inspections become unnecessary.
  • In addition:
    i. Building modularly yields better quality control. We bring one highly-skilled team and materials under one roof to work together, instead of using inconsistent materials and methods.
    ii. Building modularly means manufacturing in a climate-controlled area. This eliminates mould contamination that often occurs onsite, delaying the project timeline.
    iii. Building modularly is more efficient. We can achieve zero waste – or very close to it.
There are many advantages of building with a prefab shell. The top four are:
  • Our prefab construction methods guarantee quality.
  • Home package costs are fixed, so there is no risk of cost over-run.
  • Homes are delivered on schedule. Even though your home is a customized one, our 8+ years of prefabrication experience allows us to plan the production and delivery with accuracy.
  • Choosing a prefab container reduces overall build time by up to 50%.
  • Texo Prefab World is your one stop solution for design and development. The concepts are evolved from experiences, ideas and trends in contemporary
    architecture, flashes of inspiration from mid-century classics and our
    very own design flair. All these highlights defines the pure excitement that you will feel when you walk into a prefab container.
  • We construct your project in our factory and in a minimal time, it is delivered to your doorstep. You will find precision and accuracy when we talk about construction quality, finishes and fittings. Our customers love the hassle-free process that limits the disruption on the site and the installation is completed within days.
  • We occasionally have model homes available throughout South India. Our team members can update you when the next available home is ready for touring and other upcoming events. Keep in mind, these are private residences, so giving an advance notice is a must.
  • Additionally, our head office is in Jeedimetla ,Hyderabad, Telangana. We have a number of projects open for inspection and a variety of projects under construction in our factory. You can contact us to arrange an appointment for you. Come along and see for yourself what sets us apart from everyone else.
  • Otherwise, you can connect with us on social media to follow the homebuilding process in real-time.
Absolutely! You can schedule a visit to our production facility in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad, Telangana by contacting our team. Once our sales team discusses your project, we can arrange a factory tour.

Design And Layout

Our in-house architectural team provides house type drawings for planning and building warrant, with 3D renders available for an extra charge.
Yes, you can customize the interior layout of our standard model plans to meet your specific needs.
The design and drawings of a house, including the 3D models and plans are great tools to visualise the final house. It is also helpful during the modification of the house elements and decision making. The drawings and design are made by experts on professional architecture software. Depending on the project status and its features, we can negotiate the price of the design or integrate it later on in the final price of the house. If you need a quotation, we will send you the first price offer for free.

We have a range of designs to offer our customers. Under our specialized service, you can also choose to create your own architecturally designed home.  A bespoke prefab product will require a longer planning phase and it usually extends the time estimated to achieve a completed home. However, the results will be exceptional.

Site Survey

Elements of your site, whether residential or rural, are unique. Therefore, providing us with as much information as possible is extremely helpful. Understanding the terrain, orientation, and soil type is equally important. Initially, we look for a space on the street or within your site to park a large truck, and possibly also a crane. Power lines, steep narrow sites, and trees can challenge our ability to deliver and supply your prefab product. This is the reason of us asking so many questions upfront! If your site is unsuitable, we can arrange a site inspection and provide you with an advice for further plans.
No, in India, you generally do not need building permits as all our prefabricated container products come under the temporary structures category.
Your site should have access roads for heavy trucks and a smooth, prepared foundation.

Cost & Finance

Texo Prefab World does not provide financing. Clients are encouraged to explore construction financing options with their banks.
  • When planning the cash flow for your project, bear in mind that we require a 50% deposit prior to start of production as well as the remaining 50% to be placed after the inspection before transportation to your site.
  • We accept cash,bank transfer and UPI transactions.
  • Texo Prefab World does not provide any type of financial loan.
  • As part of the texo experience, we want you to have the most accurate reflection of the costs associated with your unique project. 
  • Location, exterior finishes, your design, or interior furnitures all play a factor in costs. 
  • It’s easy to get a customised estimate, simply complete a request form and you will receive the information you’re looking for based on what you share about your project.
  • Our packages typically start around ₹1000/sq.ft.
  • The cost is determined by a variety of factors including your preferred design plan and size.
  • The cost is further influenced by the insulation upgrades, type of windows chosen (vinyl, wood, fibreglass or metal clad), followed by other available options. The finished cost of your home will vary depending on the building site and the cost of local labour for assembly and finishing.
  • We coordinate the manufacture and delivery of the frame structure, along with the supply of windows, external doors, insulation, plasterboard, stairs, internal door sets, architrave, skirtings and finishings.
  • Texo Prefab World’s Home Package represents 30-50% of the overall cost to turnkey. You can contact us and speak to our representative for more details.
You have a wide range of materials and colors to choose from for your exterior siding and trim. All the stains we use are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, water-borne finishes.
We design the whole building and cleverly conceive a unique prefabulous interior. From the walls, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, tiles, taps, flooring, lighting, handles, finishes, joinery trims and paint everything is included. The homes are uniquely fabulous – not a project home, not a kit home, simply prefabulous.
We recommend to keep an additional 10% (approximate only) of the building cost for completion of your project. These items may include but are not limited to:
  • Site Preparation & Access: It is your responsibility to clear any trees and prepare the site for footings and house delivery, giving us an all weather access. You can consult us in this regard. Some sites require very little preparation.
  • Services to the new home: It is your responsibility to bring services to the new home and engage your local electrician, plumber to make the connections to the house. We find this a straightforward process as the homes arrive with an installed metre box and gas water heater. The septic tank must be readied by the customer himself. The houses are fully wired and plumbed ready for your local trades to connect.
  • Engineering report: Irregular sites like steep, rocky or in flood zones may require additional reinforcement and engineering detail.
  • Crane Hire: Cranes present in the local area comes in all shapes and sizes and may be required to travel longer distances to reach your site. We advise you to set aside a contingency plan for crane hire. This can also be advised upon during your site visit.
  • Extra delivery cost: We try to anticipate all the variables with your delivery and work with an excellent and reliable service. We include these costs in your building quotation. Depending on location, traffic management extra cost may be required.
  • Landscaping Driveways: Keep some budget aside to complete your home with landscaping and fencing if required, and possibly a driveway. Local trades can work with you to complete these smaller projects.
  • Carports: We also offer a carport option with an extra charge.

Each home comes with a  best-in-class 2-year warranty on fittings and finish. As well as a 1-year building warranty and 20 year structural warranty. 

We also provide lifetime technical support for each home package we manufacture. Certain conditions apply.  

Production, Delivery & Site Work

You will collaborate with our team to design and budget your project and hire a General Contractor for site management. We don’t provide financing, permits, or the base foundation.
The cost of house transportation varies based on factors like transport means, quantity, and location, determined for each project individually. the delivery cost depends on the means of transport (maritime transport, ground transport), the nature, size and quantity of goods, the construction site location.
We serve all of PAN India.
  • We load all the components of your building system onto flatbed trailers and deliver them to your build site. We then install the building components on your prepared foundation using a crane or other lifting equipment.
  • All home packages are shipped via carrier truck or shipping container from the factory. We ship our home packages to many places in the world. The cost of shipping will be included in your production quotation. Our experienced shippers at our production facility will load your home package. You will need to have a forklift at the site for unloading.
  • It’s important that you should know a considerable portion of the framing work will be taking place off site.
We provide steel footing to the container. On your site if required, you should install concrete footings,or a concrete base. You can discuss this with us for further advice.
  • When the house arrives, the steel base is welded to the footing system of the container. For removable homes or PODS on land, the footings can be bolted as an alternative to a weld.
  • An average sized container between 200 – 450 square feet can typically be installed within just 2 days, after which you can move in the home.
  • A crew of three or four typically assembles a 1500-2000 sq ft home in 2-3 days.
The amount of work to be completed on site is dependent on the model, your site and the overall scope of work detailed in your design. In some cases, it could be a matter of days. However, if you have a complex design, installation may take some more time.
Depending on the type of foundation you choose, it is possible to move our containers from one location to another. Our containers are built much stronger than a traditional home so that they can withstand the hardship of transportation from the factory to the site. If you want to have the option of a mobile home, it will be necessary to place it on a foundation system that allows movement. If the house is well maintained and in good condition, it will be possible to move it.
We can store your home until needed, with potential storage charges.
Yes, we offer insulation panels for our prefab products. These panels help regulate temperature and provide energy efficiency, making our structures comfortable and environmentally friendly. We offer a range of insulation options to cater to your specific requirements. These include:
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) thermocol Insulation: It is known for its lightweight and moisture-resistant properties.
  • Rock Wool Insulation: It is a a fire-resistant and sound-absorbing option suitable for various applications.
  • Mineral Wool Insulation: It provides excellent fire resistance and acoustic properties.
  • Fibreglass Insulation: It is effective for thermal and acoustic insulation, and widely used in construction.
  • Polyurethane (PU) Foam Insulation: It is ideal for superior thermal performance and energy efficiency.

You can choose the insulation material that best aligns with your project’s needs and environmental considerations. Our team will assist you in making the right selection to optimise the comfort and efficiency of your prefab structure.