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Peb Solutions

A Pre-engineered Building (PEB) is designed to be fabricated using best suited inventory of raw materials available from all sources and manufacturing methods that can efficiently satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements.
PEB Texo specializes in the Design, Fabrication, and Erection of pre-engineered steel buildings (P.E.B.), steel structures for factories, warehouses, workshops, showrooms, commercial/ trade centers, supermarkets, sports stadiums, exhibition halls, aircraft hangars, gas stations etc. PEB Texo is being proud of its wide range product that includes “P.E.B.” as well as curved roofs, castellated beams, open-web-joists and special trusses.


Low initial cost due to:

  The use of tapered built-up structural members (Columns & Rafters).

  The use of Z-shape secondary members (Purlins & Girts) that allows overlapping.

  Foundation are fewer and lighter. Welding is done by professional welders.

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Fig : Welding is Done

Fast Project Construction:

  Anchor bolt is delivered earlier than the building.

 Building is fabricated and delivered within a short period time due to standardization.

 Fast erection schedule because all members are connecting by bolt and nut.

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Fig : Loading to Job Site

Functional Versatility: Modular construction.

  Large clear spans, up to 180m.

  Long Bay Spacing, up to 15m without Jack Beams.

  Building is easily expandable on all sides (allowing for future expansion).

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Fig : Roll Framing

Architectural Flexibility:

  Flashing and trims are available in different shapes and colors.

  A wide range of wall and roof sheeting.

 Readily available interface details between steel and other materials (glazing, block wall, curtain wall, etc.).


Fig : Erection by PEB Steel

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs:

  Virtually no maintenance required for all panels.

  Roof requires only periodic cleaning.

  Annual washing of eave gutters.

  Watertight roofs.

 Energy efficient roof and wall systems through usage of insulation.

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Fig : Completed Project