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Configuring Interim Kitchens & Dining Facilities

Whether interim or permanent, Prefabricated Modular kitchens , TEXO Prefab world provide maximum flexibility with portable, relocatable features. Highly configurable, modular units are a cost-effective solution to maximize space for cooking, preparation, service, and dry storage.Prefabricated Modular kitchens can serve short to long-term needs including permanent options with Texo Prefab World

Uses for modular kitchens :

Prefabricated Modular kitchens are ideal for both planned and unplanned situations. Configuring Prefabricated modular kitchens to clients’ needs makes this solution ideal for disaster response and recovery, renovation, and even new construction.

Expanded Capacity :

When commercial and non-commercial kitchens require expanded capacity, Texo Prefab World can ensure business continuity with a kitchen that is secure and readily accessible.

At Texo Prefab World, we specialize in porta cabin. Prefab Including containers converted for a range of uses from restaurants to offices contact us for a quotation or to find out more.

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